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Winterizing Your Outboard Motor!

We want to encourage you now, more than ever, to perform a proper and thorough winterization on your outboard motor!

Currently in fuel, there is an additive and ethanol and both are a major problem. Your outboard motors aren’t run as often as your vehicle’s engine so the additive is able to sit and create a gummy, sticky mess in your carburetors, fuel pump, intake manifold and intake valves. The ethanol absorbs moisture out of the air which creates corrosion, and also it breaks down deposits that flow into your fuel system and clog it.

Winterizing or servicing your engine in the fall removes harmful contaminates and moisture from your engine leading to less repairs and a longer life.

  • Schedule a winterization appointment with us within a week of the last use of your outboard
  • Install a proper fuel and water separator
  • Use fresh fuel always – it is best to go to a name brand gas station with quick turnover of their supply. AVOID discount stations as they purchase fuel that has been sitting up to several weeks; for example, WAWA, BJ’s, and Sheetz
  • Drain the fuel out of the carburetors as soon as you are done using the boat. Do not just unplug it and run it out, use the drainscrews as well.
  • Stabilize fuel year round

There is no cure in a bottle for ethanol fuel. Being proactive is key to protecting your investment!

Make an appointment with us!

Hooked on the Bay can shrinkwrap your boat for $14 per foot, and that includes vents and mildew bags. However, if you do a full winterization with us, shrinkwrap will only cost $12 per foot. The best thing about our shrinkwrapping is that we also shrinkwrap the motor! This not only protects against rain and snow, but it will also protect against animals and anything else that might try to get inside your boat.

Contact us for the winterization cost for your motor and to set up an appointment!



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